We provide a high quality, professional and friendly service. We will work in partnership with you to provide a bespoke and personalised solution, from end to end, ensuring it fits within your specific context.

This may include:

Consulting with you to ensure we provide the right solution, determining the best approach within your specific organisational environment

Supporting you in the crucial ‘preparation phase’ i.e. ensuring you and your team are ready for this type of development. Our experience tells us this is integral in helping participants ‘arrive’ in the optimum state for learning and being open to change

For workshops, should you wish, confirmation of attendance certificates can be issued

Consulting with stakeholders, peers and team members to determine observable and measurable goals

Ongoing programme support such as phone and email support for participants; resources such as materials and handouts to take away, including pre- and post- programme conversation guidance for participants and assistance in applying learning

Assistance in linking the programme to business metrics and results to ensure a measurable difference is made to organisations and their people

One to One Coaching

Our approach to coaching is encouraging and supportive. Questioning, challenging and inquisitive, we’ll work with you to discover the best version of yourself.

Our methodology is proven and robust – working with public and private sector clients at a variety of levels, helping them reach professional goals.

Reach that destination – if you have a genuine desire to get ‘there’ but need to find your roadmap, with someone to guide you – let’s work together to reach that destination.

Our determination and honest approach will help you explore your potential, reflect and get results.

Team Coaching

It is teamwork that brings the competitive advantage. Teams need to work together effectively to meet organisational goals and vision. Team coaching is facilitating and challenging teams to maximise their performance. It is a powerful activity that focuses attention on the what the team does, how they do it and how they work and relate to each other within the team in order to optimise their work and relationships with customers, stakeholders and other teams in an organisation.

Sessions take place in person or virtually.

Coaching Skills Workshop for Managers

‘When you have a culture of coaching, great things happen’ Professor David Clutterbuck, coaching and management author.

More and more, employees expect ownership and empowerment from their mangers and leaders in order to get on with their job, think creatively and be accountable. Coaching enables you to do this. As a manager or leader, you should not be expected to know or do everything. This is why you have a team! This is where coaching can help you. Research shows coaching can help you to delegate to free up your time; manage team dynamics; ensure your team is equipped to deliver and meet its outcomes and to evolve as the business evolves. It can increase productivity and enhance customer service; improve creativity and problem-solving skills and provide crucial feedback.