Video Testimonial

Dr Christopher O’Donnell

Head of the Division of Psychology & Social Work, University of West of Scotland

Print 4 Ltd continually work closely with Rebecca Peat. Her approach is fantastic. I would certainly recommend her and look forward to future projects.

Matt Boam, Director, Print 4 Ltd

I have found my coaching sessions invaluable in helping me work towards achieving my goals. Rebecca has a real skill in drawing out the real issues and helping you form potential solutions to them. I have only had 2 full sessions and already I have been able to implement some of the ideas I had formulated. I also find Rebecca to be completely trustworthy which is essential for this type of role.

Deputy Head of Department

Rebecca’s coaching sessions were a journey of self-discovery; very stimulating always and painfully hard at times. I did not expect to learn so much about myself, nor to reflect so deeply on my opinions and behaviour. During the coaching sessions, not only I was able to achieve – thanks to Rebecca’s skills – some practical solutions to some of the issues I was encountering in my transition to a more senior role, but I believe I have also developed reflective, active listening, and questioning skills that I will apply to my colleagues to support and develop them as necessary. Thank you so much Rebecca!

Dr Vanesa Fuertes, Interim Head of Division of Social Sciences,  University of the West of Scotland

Rebecca is a highly skilled coach and working with her over the course of several months had a direct, positive impact as I was transitioning into a more senior leadership role. I particularly appreciated Rebecca’s ability to respond to my specific needs in ways that were supportive and challenging in equal measure. Rebecca builds trust really effectively and that facilitates deep reflection, but always with a focus on practical impact and the development of skill, clarity and confidence. I recommend Rebecca without any hesitation.

Dr Marjorie McCrory SFHEA RCDP, Interim Head of Division of Social Work, University of the West of Scotland

Rebecca put me at ease. She was easy to engage with. I enjoyed the exercises designed to enhance my critical reflection.

The coaching has helped reaffirm my strengths of relational leadership and being able to adapt my leadership style dependent upon the context.

I feel confident in my existing leadership strengths and style to best lead my team.

Simon Gittins, Programme Leader BA (Hons) Social Work, School of Education and Social Sciences, University of the West of Scotland

The team coaching was a valuable day emphasising the need for the management team to work closely as a team.

Day 1 of a Team Coaching Programme at Newson Gale

Outcomes from Your Step’s coaching programme have been great – the team and I have really improved teamworking and ways of working and this has enabled us to be more productive and creative, thereby achieving better results. Would highly recommend.

Mel Twardawa, MZB Print Solutions

This experience has been invaluable during my difficult first year as a team leader. I particularly valued:

  • the space to reflect on the more challenging aspects of my role
  • the opportunity to explore small, concrete steps I could take and solutions I could try
  • the chance to discuss issues and people with someone from outside my department
  • the follow-up from each session, which pushed me to commit to actions
  • the encouraging comments about my efforts!

Ellie Kennedy, Team Leader, Professional Services

I have articulated and refined my personal and professional boundaries, to maintain my enthusiasm and energy levels and have been supporting colleagues and students to do the same since participating in coaching; I have scheduled (and stuck to) regular reflection time at the close of the normal working week to keep current progress and forward planning clearly in sight; I have developed a strong sense of security around keeping my working role congruent with my personal motivation and values, that can act inform my decision-making framework.

I would highly recommend the coaching experience. I have found it a useful mechanism for gaining clarity around priorities and objectives, targeting my efforts and energies in a more focussed manner. As noted above, this opens avenues to support people I work with in doing the same thing. In appraising my own skills and interests during the process, I have realised how much I value taking a holistic view of my working environment, contributing, and helping others contribute, to School and Institutional growth at a strategic level. With this in mind, I have taken up a role as a representative on the senate, one of our governing bodies.

Julie Clark, Interim Head of Social Sciences, University of the West of Scotland

I have worked with Rebecca, in a number of different contexts and HEIs, for 5 years now. During this time, I have been impressed with Rebecca’s approach to developing teams and enabling individuals, so when I recruited to a number of senior and interim positions within my organisation, Rebecca was my go-to choice in assisting successful candidates to pro-actively develop their leadership style. As a Dean, I need my senior colleagues to be inclusive, adaptive to their individual roles and circumstances, and reflective in their operational and strategic practice. Rebecca’s approach to coaching has the right mix of being supportive, offering space to think, and constructively challenge colleagues to expand their thinking and indeed add to their leadership ‘tool box’. I can personally highly recommend Rebecca and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

Dr. Eric Baumgartner, Dean of School of Education and Social Sciences, University of the West of Scotland

Coaching has helped me to gain confidence in my leadership and management skills and to help me trust my own judgement of situations and the best courses of action to take. I am slowly feeling more confident to lead my team with more self-assurance in the direction I am taking. I feel happier that I am doing the right thing and that I do know what needs to happen to move forward. Coaching has helped me to regain some of the confidence I had lost through various situations and has helped me to come through the other side of a very difficult year.

Kayleigh Glasper, Head of Philanthropy

Rebecca was absolutely brilliant at guiding me to see where I needed to effect change in myself. Through a series of exercises and self-reflection she helped me take responsibility for both the positive and most importantly negative behaviours I am capable of.

Rebecca is extremely good at making you feel at ease and at encouraging self-reflection without making you feel like you are constantly confronting negatives. She is very skilled and uses great tools to focus the conversations.

I have reengaged self-reflection. Learned that listening is as powerful as speaking. Reaffirmed that I can be heard and that I can play well with others.

Lucy J Troup, Reader in Psychology, University of the West of Scotland

When I met Rebecca, I had not worked at a senior level in a university for several years. Her coaching helped me to navigate decision making processes in the university environment. It also helped me to reflect on my management and leadership style. We talked through constructively the areas which I was finding most tricky and worked through immediate next steps, without getting overwhelmed by the scale of the task I was facing in a new role.  The coaching was invaluable in getting to grips with that role, managing challenging situations and increasing my confidence to make decisions. I was also practicing as a coach at the time and have continued to do so. I continue to draw upon the work I did with Rebecca to improve my own coaching practice.

Director, HEI

Rebecca has been an amazing coach. I wasn’t sure coaching would be for me, but she has helped me so much. The goals were clear from the start, and her style and use of multiple techniques to coach me was the right amount of challenge, but she was also supportive. I have made significant progress with my goals since I’ve been seeing Rebecca, and this is evident in my professional achievements during this period. My confidence in my abilities has increased, and she has given me the tools to continue to develop. I would recommend Rebecca to any senior leaders who were interested in being coached.

Amy Smith, Associate Director, Admission and Applicant Experience, Nottingham Trent University

I attended many development sessions led by Rebecca during our years working at the same organisation – and I was always delighted to walk in a training room and see that she was leading it! Rebecca explains things clearly, encourages discussion and is inclusive of all colleagues. I’ve seen Rebecca face some challenging debates but she remained calm and professional throughout. Rebecca is very experienced in coaching and mentoring – and has the perfect personality and positivity to go with it.

Clare Oswin, Communications and Administrative Professional

I have learnt to take a much more confident step when applying myself to my new role. I realised I have made some very simple errors, and was given the positive space to process and try new things. I look at my role now from a different perspective. Now challenges are opportunities to learn and develop and not problems in my way.

Sales Office Manager, Newson Gale

Rebecca provided me with great insight and training in Management and Coaching, she is excellent to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

David Dexter, Customer Service Manager, Print 4 Ltd

I don’t know how you do it Rebecca but it’s like magic.

Dr Claire Harkins, Deputy Dean, University of the West of Scotland

Rebecca has provided my team and I with great team and leadership training – she is both reflective, positively challenging, supportive and flexible in how she delivers successful staff development. In addition she is an excellent coach – she listens, reflects back your thoughts and questions in a constructive and thought provoking way. I would definitely recommend Rebecca.

Ruth Stubbings, Deputy Head, University Libraries and Information Resourcing and Planning

Rebecca has worked with William Davis Homes over the last 12 months.

Rebecca’s knowledge and experience is exceptional and her delivery style is extremely engaging across all levels of the business. She was able to quickly identify the training needs for our senior management teams and offer workable solutions whilst building a build a strong rapport with her audience.

I am very much looking forward to continuing our work with Rebecca and I highly recommend Rebecca to any organisation seeking external training and support.

Rebecca Jones. HR Manager, William Davis Homes

I have attended many workshops and training sessions delivered by Rebecca covering a range of staff development areas. She leads sessions with utmost professionalism and expertise. Rebecca always ensures the level of training is set to the expected level while always maintaining a flexible approach to all areas of coaching and staff development. She has an extremely friendly approach and has a unique understanding of what is needed for each situational training model. Her high level skillset, knowledge and experience in her field is second to none and I would not hesitate in recommending Rebecca to lead and deliver any coaching or staff development training programme.

Rebekah Broad, Marketing Lead Libraries and Learning Resources

Rebecca has supported Newson Gale on various training & development projects over the last 12 months. This has included Management Development training & coaching, Train the Trainer as well as providing an insight into training & development activities from a HR perspective. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rebecca to other companies requiring this kind of support.

Jo Bridges, People & Culture UK at Newson Gale

Rebecca has been our ILM External Verifier for the past 4 years and in that time, she has helped us to develop a robust quality assurance system that ensures that the quality of our programmes and the support we provide to learners, is of a high and consistent standard. Her approach has always been professional and yet flexible showing an understanding and empathy for the challenges faced by business. She has a sound understanding of business and places significant importance on the development of employees at all levels in an organisation and ensuring that an effective system of learner support is in place. She also clearly understands the need for employee development to be directly linked to the strategy and goals of a business. Her knowledge of leadership, management and coaching is impressive, and this coupled with her understanding of how organisations operate, enables her to provide a high standard of service.

Harry Gilfillan, ILM Centre Manager

Rebecca is great with teams, delivering really focused and innovative management and leadership development in the public and private sectors. Our NHS work has engaged teams and delivered improvement.

Jonathan Gilmore, Project Director at Birch Improvement

Rebecca facilitated a series of team coaching development sessions at Nottinghamshire Hospice to help the team work more effectively together. Her professional, supportive yet challenging approach enabled the teams to work through issues and challenges together and make significant progress towards the team goals. Sessions were enjoyable and open, resulting in enhanced team morale and sustained behaviour change, including taking ownership and creating a feedback environment. This really helped the Hospice to implement changes.

Mo Beeres, Deputy Chief Executive, Nottinghamshire Hospice

My coaching sessions with Rebecca Peat came at a critical time for me both professionally and personally and really helped me self-assess and review where I was and where I wanted to go with my career. It was also invaluable in helping me to reflect on achievements to date and take stock of what I enjoy doing as I stepped into the world of HR Consultancy. I was able to talk openly and confidentially which greatly helped to empower me to take actions and responsibility for my own future and importantly gave me the confidence to do this. Pleased to say that I have as result successfully transitioned into a new assignment which I am thoroughly enjoying. A leap that may well have been more daunting without the coaching support. I have received excellent support and counsel throughout.

Rashmi Patel, HR Consultant / Deputy Director of HR

I have really benefitted from the sessions. For me this was the first professional development I’d undertaken and whilst initially somewhat apprehensive about this, I soon got to look forward to our sessions. I have benefitted enormously.

James Croucher Transport & Commercial Manager, Print 4 Ltd