Leadership, Management and Team Coaching

Your Step works with leaders, managers and teams to help them develop, transform and excel. We do this through coaching.


Research from ILM (City & Guilds Group) 2020 demonstrates that coaching is one of the most powerful learning and development interventions available when it comes to helping individuals improve their performance and unleash their potential. It improves confidence, motivation and creativity across the organisation. The research also demonstrates that organisations that do not use coaching are missing out on a powerful tool for effective organisational change, employee engagement and boosting productivity. This research outlines the return on investment that coaching can bring.

Coaching can help with the following:

Leadership and Management

  • Drive change effectively, helping teams to navigate change
  • Tackle performance issues and provide impactful feedback
  • Equip managers to confidently undertake difficult conversations to gain a positive outcome – with their peers, team members, managers and stakeholders
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Manage team conflict more effectively
  • Stop leaders from feeling overwhelmed by freeing up time to enable the leader to focus on strategic priorities

Performance and Productivity

  • Achieve a high performing culture
  • Develop and retain high performing staff
  • Enable people to thrive in the workplace, enjoy and feel more fulfilled at work – go the extra mile
  • Challenge people’s perceptions to gain new insights, increase self-awareness and therefore be able to adapt their behaviour for better results
  • Increase engagement and boost productivity
  • Reach and surpass goals and targets
  • Develop and empower teams to take more responsibility and initiative – to rely less on the leader and work collaboratively as a team to find solutions


  • Be resilient and adaptable to the everchanging world and organisational change
  • Transition into a management or leadership role
  • Achieve a better work/life balance
  • Discover the best version of oneself. Feel empowered, and find confidence to achieve one’s professional aspirations.
  • Enhance problem solving and decision-making approaches
  • Build the reputation of the manager, their team and the organisation

We provide:

Individual Coaching

Team Coaching

Coaching skills workshops – for managers and leaders to use coaching themselves on their teams

“I don’t know how you do it Rebecca but it’s like magic”

– Dr Claire Hawkins, Interim Deputy Dean, University of the West of Scotland


We use coaching in the development of high potential managers, professionals and their teams. It is future-facing and goal orientated.

A coach’s role is to support you with specific work challenges. It is not to provide the solution or give advice – what works for one person, may not work for the other – but to challenge you to find and seize opportunities for yourself. In this way, you develop your own problem-solving skills to overcome hurdles.

A coach believes that you have all the tools and resources within you to work towards your goals; they will use a series of questions and techniques to encourage you to achieve these goals in a focused way. They will motivate and support you. They will hold you to account. They will ensure you stay focussed.

A coach provides you with the space to examine your unconscious thought habits and behaviours. They may challenge these – thinking drives behaviour which drives actions which impacts results. If you are not getting the results you want, it would be worth exploring these. They help you take actionable steps to achieve your goals. They will ensure you leave each coaching session with next steps towards meeting your goals. The coaching process is a solution-focused series of conversations.

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