‘When you have a culture of coaching, great things happen’  Professor David Clutterbuck, coaching and management author.

More and more, employees expect ownership and empowerment from their managers and leaders in order to get on with their job, think creatively and be accountable. Coaching enables you to do this. As a manager or leader, you should not be expected to know or do everything. This is why you have a team! This is where coaching can help you. Research shows coaching can help you delegate to free up your time; manage team dynamics; ensure your team is equipped to deliver and meet its outcomes and to evolve as the business evolves. It can increase productivity and enhance customer service; improve creativity and problem-solving skills and provide crucial feedback. It can also help motivate and engage the team to feel more fulfilled at work. Depending on your needs, the workshop duration is typically between 1/2 – 2 days. Sessions take place in person or virtually.

How does it work?

The workshop provides managers and leaders with the key knowledge, skills and practice to use coaching skills, as appropriate, with their team. This is particularly pertinent in these times of change and uncertainty – managers with coaching skills can better enable their teams to work flexibly and with a solutions focused approach. Depending on your needs, the workshop duration is typically between 1/2 – 2 days.

The workshop aim is to build leaders’ confidence in using a coaching approach to support and develop their people and encourage them to take ownership for finding their own solutions to challenges.

It will cover the what, why and how of coaching – including practice, feedback and action planning. A typical format is:

Identify what coaching is (and is not!) and when coaching is an appropriate leadership approach

Explore and practice the use of coaching techniques

Introduction to the GROW coaching model

Practice the GROW coaching model and obtain feedback on this

Use feedback and reflection to action plan next steps after the workshop

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